Green Shopping Market |Start a Home Based Business Guide

Starting a home -based business has many rewards as well as challenges.

Want to have your own business and make money in this economy?

If your thinking of starting your own business here are a few questions you’ll need to ask yourself.

First, how can you start your business off the right way without going broke. Second, what products will consumers purchase frequently. And last but not least pricing and marketing your store brand  and products.

Once you find out what you want to sell -work on marketing and pricing products. Prices can become a  major deal if the product can be found elsewhere cheaper. In most cases customers will go for the lower priced store offering the same product. Some consumers do not simply shop for price, but for the store’s reputation to deliver the product fast without delays.

Example: If a store has the product and a great price, but it takes 2-4 weeks to ship – it’s a good bet that you’ve lost a customer and a sale all in one shot. Store reputation is first and impressions are lasting.

Let’s talk about marketing your store brand and products. This part is essential for  profits and reassurance to your company/ home -business brand . Marketing is crucial to your to brand . Think of marketing as a tree with many branches. The tree of life if you will- without letting your consumer know what you have or giving details on the store or it’s products is  like walking in the dark.  Advertise your home business and make it “Broadway”, highlight what sets your home business apart from other home businesses.  It’s great to add a logo,link or video on popular social networks. By placing small ads and using product classifieds your branding your store and reaching potential customers.

Financially starting a home-based business has it’s perks as well as it’s downfalls. What matters is how much you want to be successful. Money shouldn’t hinder you from making the decision to start your own home business- you’ll have to start somewhere. Being positive can take your home business to new levels. Depending on if you sell homemade baking goods, electronics, sewing blankets or any other skill -you’ll need supplies. Supplies can be costly – but they don’t have to be. Green Shopping Market has discount craft supplies in bulk for a  lot less than most wholesale suppliers. 

Home-Business Wholesale Discounts -get a 25% Discount Coupon “HOMEBUSINESS” Use the coupon everytime you place an order over $150.00 . It’s that simple.

What’s different shopping for products and supplies for your home business at Green Shopping Market ?

Green Shopping Market is open to the public and we ship only what you need. Wholesale prices are adjusted for the amount you want to purchase! 


I make Teddy Bears and I  want to purchase cotton stuffing. I need 3000 cotton balls. How much will that be with shipping combined? 

Customer service : Cotton Balls -3000 PCS. OK

Price $ 49.00 / Would you like for us to make this package available online?

 Customer: Yes! 

Customer service : Thank -you . Your package will be available within 5-10 minutes !

Customer : Thank You!

It’s just that simple.

Starting a business is hard work but it doesn’t have to be impossible to reach your goals. Green Shopping Market creates possibilities for home businesses to succeed in buying wholesale products without the high prices, expensive memberships, or costly fees. Like Green Shopping Market on Facebook and get updates on new arrivals on wholesale products weekly.


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